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An interest take on the issue (and we wouldn’t mind commissioning a comment piece about the issue. Ideas? Pitch to us: cif.editors@guardian.co.uk) - Jessica

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Not surprisingly, Pinterest users have fought back against criticisms of the site, and rightly so: Telling women what they should be interested in and doing online is patronizing and counterproductive. Is being girly still such a bad thing in our culture? Why are wedding dresses and cupcake recipes any more frivolous than cat photos and rage-face memes? There’s an obvious double standard at work in criticisms of the site. If there’s a problem with Pinterest, it’s this: Pinterest is perceived as the women’s space online to the general exclusion of other spaces. The media and popular culture are now painting it as a pink ghetto that defines what women are passionate about and how they behave online. It’s not a problem that a lot of women love pinning content about fashion and home decor on Pinterest, but it is a problem if a Pinterest stereotype ends up standing in for all women on the web.

Safe House

Denzel delivers.

Lying betraying agents

in the CIA??

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Hugo in 3D

Cute kids long story.

Gear and gadgetheads rejoice.

No more 3Dfilms.

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New York Knicks overnight sensation Jeremy Lin, messing around with a headband back in 2004 on his Xanga page. Note: He totally has an awesome sense of humor in these shots. (full credit for this one goes to Matt, who has more info over here)

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The Iron Lady

Queen Thatcher! Queen Streep

amazes. Must see for fans.

Tories will love too!

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Jon Huntsman destroys Ron Paul in 60 seconds over his racist newsletters in New Hampshire. I love the music - so ominous! 

Huntsman is polling higher than before, but is still polling fourth in New Hampshire. I’m curious if bringing the claws out might help that. Current averaged national polling:

  • Newt Gingrich: 27.2%
  • Mitt Romney: 25.4% 
  • Ron Paul: 12.2%
  • Rick Perry: 6.6%
  • Michele Bachmann: 6.2%
  • Rick Santorum: 3.8%
  • Jon Huntsman: 2.0%

Oh, and progressives shouldn’t forget something very important: Ron Paul is not all legal weed and no war. Click for why he’d be a disaster.

Jon Huntsman is still the grownup in the room. I’ll give him an award for classiest attack ad of Election 2012 - thus far.

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Don’t fuck with Lisbeth.

Fincher flawlessly adapts.

Fierce edge of seat film.

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Margin Call

Whose balls are bigger?

Spacey? Baker? No, Irons!

Double down on greed.

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The Tree Of Life

Awesomely gorgeous.

Long look at a fifty’s dad.

Thank God it’s Brad Pitt.

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Thinking about something I said years ago, that our problem with immigration will be truly felt when Mexicans and others no longer Want to come here vis a vis employment and educational opportunities in their own countries. Well, it looks like that day may have arrived.  Click on headline to read article.

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